Ways of Preparing and Writing an Undergraduate Dissertation

Preparing and writing an undergraduate dissertation can be a bit of a challenging task. However, it cannot be such a hard job when you are provided with a guide to writing undergraduate dissertation. It is essential to understand what is required from you by your department before getting down on your task to use your time well. A dissertation is a long-term project that can develop an already existing research work or be based on your creativity in exploring new fields. Such an article aims to provide you with tips for writing a dissertation from the point of preparation until completion.

  1. Effective management of your time

It is essential when you are embarking on writing your undergraduate dissertation to use your time well. Have your dissertation content broken down into small units of work. It will help you plan your work with a set deadline attached to each unit. Have a planning timetable for every assignment to ensure that you do not forget where you left off and easily pick up from where you stopped the day before.

  1. Have a clear research question

A straightforward research question will make it easy to ensure that your undergraduate dissertation writing is relevant. Have areas of focus to ensure you are within the limitation guidelines. The research questions need to be specific and pertinent concerning your research subject.

  1. Have a deep understanding of your research methodology

Before you begin writing your undergraduate dissertation, it is critical to have an idea of the research methodology you will use to meet your research objectives. The research methodology should be appropriate to the research questions. From the literature review and carrying out empirical research, you will need to determine the methodology to apply.

  1. Have a comprehensive search strategy

How well you use existing literature to build your dissertation does matter whether you are writing a literature review or doing empirical research. You will need to use the best sources of evidence to justify and support your argument in your dissertation. Have a plan of what your research materials should cover to ensure you stick to relevant research materials.

  1. Critically analyze literature sources

When writing a dissertation, you need to connect your writing and the research material used. Therefore, the literature sources need to be critically analyzed and chosen wisely to ensure the relevance of your undergraduate dissertation. Dedicate enough time to searching and reading through literature sources efficiently while embracing the different perspectives brought out from the sources in relation to your research.

  1. Structuring your argument

When researching, have an idea about the structure of your dissertation. Your structure should be by your department's expectations. The key sections of the introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, discussions, conclusion, and references should be well crafted to ensure all relevant information is contained therein.  Remember to keep the introduction concise and able to capture the attention of the reader. The conclusion should provide a summary of the whole paper comprehensively.

  1. Adopt the analytical style of writing

The analytical writing style makes your dissertation interesting and practical to the reader.  The technique makes your dissertation more engaging. Enhance the criticality and complexity of your dissertation to ensure honesty with the limitations and present comparisons and contrasts whenever necessary. Complexity should enhance the presentation of all different arguments based on the research questions, and the conclusion should provide the basis for the argument you support. Such complexity makes your dissertation convincing,


Writing an undergraduate dissertation will need you to apply the relevant formatting and styles according to your department's style guidelines. Use reference management software to store references used in your paper. Save your work frequently and have a backup in case of anything. Remember to seek help when you do not understand something from your supervisor to complete your undergraduate program successfully.

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